Föld dance – 2BA

Föld dance
Föld(Hungarian) = Earth (English)
Föld – made in 1985 by Krisztina de Châtel
Special project met Dance group Amsterdam
Open Theater Vondel Park -Amsterdam

From Website Open Lucht Theater Vondel Park Amsterdam:
{Föld Hungarian= earth (English)
in 1985 commissioned by the Holland Festival and was widely
regarded as the highlight of this festival.
It became a classic in the Dutch modern dance.
In Föld, forms a round, high earthen wall decor.
The dancers make this a true war of attrition.
With the power of galley slaves, the perseverance of athletes
and the determination of dancers,
teams they circular earthwork as skilled farmers to.
Their heavy physical activity is also to be understood
as a metaphor for the struggle against the matter and the existence.}