Flower’s aroma

Flower’s aroma
On Farsi-website "awake eyes" Awake eyes
by Mrs. Mahasti Shahrokhi,
There is an article in Farsi by title: "Aroma of freedom".
Mahasti Shahrokhi-Aroma of Freedom
She brought up a sentence from Voltaire
(François-Marie Arouet Voltaire, 21 November 1694 – 30 May 1778)
(Can smash a flower,
but can’t perish it’s aroma).

My answer is:
It seems that Voltaire has been very naïve.
He didn’t know that in this wopld
there are parties, gangs and regimes
that smear a flower with shit.
Then they offer it to the folk and declare it as aroma of the flower.
Many opportunists or fools will follow and join that party,
that gang and that regime.
Then these mass followers,
holding flowers smeared with shit,
will uproar :"here it is the aroma of flower-garden".
If a kid, holding a small flower from, says:
” please do smell this flower also, maybe…”,
Then that mass shit-followers will slaughter the kid.
Because they belive that kid with a small real flower
has insulted their holly shitty -temple.
Was Voltaire softhead of soft-hearted?