Prostitutes’ Photographers Expo

Prostitutes’ Photographers Expo
Ex prostitute Metje Blaak, now is director of
cultural institute “De Rode Draad” (The Red Line).
Nowadays she is also program maker, film producer,
photographer and writer.
Metje Blaak has given course of photography to numbers of prostitutes.
The prostitutes have made photos from the places that they are working.
Metje Blaak has arranged a photo expo from those photos under the title:
” Dit is mijn werkplek” (This is my work place).
About 50 photos of “This is my work place” are in gallery Vriend van Bavink,
Amsterdam, 5 - 27 November 2010.
The Lady by the window is a photo-model.
People in the photos beneath, are visitors of the opening-day expo.
They are not prostitutes.