Colorful bird broke the cage

Colorful bird broke down the cage, got itself free!
Day: 14 June 2010
Time: 10:30 A.M
A colorful bird in Vondel Park Amsterdam.
On the grass picking seeds.
Bird has no pal or partner.
Very lonesome alone
People gather around the bird.
Every one looks surprised.
All are amazed about the colorful feathers.

I make photos.
Bird has no fear from camera.

A man says: “It is a home/cage bird.
Only a stupid person lets such beautiful bird out of the cage”

A small boy says: “Sure bird opened the cage slot, flew away.”
A woman says:” It cannot!”

I take another photo
A young woman says: “What a pretty photo-model!”

A man says: “A bird can’t open the cage door flying free.”
The small boy insists: “It can if wants.”

A pregnant woman says: “Impossible!”
I shot another photo.

A small girl very excited: “I know, I know!”
Faces turn toward the small girl.
The small girl more exited continues: “Bird broke the cage, flew free.”
People laugh.

The small girl much more excited:’ Yea, sure. I know. Yea “

A woman with a dog approaches us.
The dog barks and rushes to us.

The small girl walks toward the bird: “shu shuuu fly! Fly!”
The bird flights upwards the tall trees.
The dog barks again.
The small girl looks upward.
The sky becomes colorful like a rainbow.