Shiny Smile

Looking for the parents of a kid!
Friday, 30th April 2010 was the Queen Day in Holland.
I was walking around the city Amsterdam, making photo-reportage.
About 7-8 hours walking working, while carrying a heavy backpack
of photography-equipments.
I was dead-tired. Exactly” Dead-Tired”!
In my way walking back home, around 18:20, I noticed a very pretty kid.
Her face painted lovely as can see in the photo.
A Lady”mother” was holding the kid’s hand.
I asked the lady that if I can make photo from her child.
The Lady very kindly permitted, while she repeated” beautiful kid, yea?”
At the jiffy of making the shot, the kid made such shiny smile.
A smile: pure, innocent, intelligent, bright, lightening, hopeful, full of life!
Just that moment I got what whole the day I was walking around for it.
In a jiffy whole tiredness of 7-8 hours work was wiped away.
In a flash of time I become fresh.
Exactly the word “fresh”!
From that smile I got full energy.
Through that jiffy smile, I could stay awake working till 6:00 morning.
Immediately after the photo, the lady ”mother” and the Kid walked away.
And the lady was in a point that her face was in the shadowy silhouette.
So I can’t recall her face.
Now if any one knows the parents of the kid, please inform me.
I want to send them the photo, sharing an eternal pleasure.