Invitation 21 March

21 March
Birthday of the flowery spring season in the northern
Birthday of the colorful autumn in the southern,

For this great occasion, there would be a magnificent feast
in whole 24 hours of 21 March.

All parts of the earth planet, plains, mountains, sees, rivers and all hearts.

Free entry for:
All stars, planets, galaxies, birds, fishes, animals, plants, flowers, grasses,
all creatures, all creators and all freedom-lovers people.

Politicians, politic-authorities, political leaders,
political-gangsters, religion-leaders, religion-authorities,
religion-gangsters, economic-authorities, economic-gangsters,
torturers, secret-services,
are not welcome to the feast of the nature.
in every millennium the world has right
to enjoy as least one day in peace without war and bloodshed.

Please don’t carry any weapon (cold-warm), flag or banner.

For more info:
Phone: 000, 111, 111, 111, 111
Best wishes and see you all
Rajab Mohamadin