Day of Love

Welcoming Valentine: the day of love, day of lovers.
Love is the cause of creation.
Birds, fishes, animals, trees, flowers, mountains, seas, all fall in Love.
Stars and planets in the entire eternity are dancing with love around each other.
All bits of the existence amorously donate light and warmth to other-ones.

But the human:
The human is victim of the love.
Eve and Adam were expelled from paradise because of love.
Various ideologies and religions prohibited the love.
They announced the love as a great unforgivable sin.

They imprison the lovers. They shot the lovers in the heart.
They hang the lovers. They behead the lovers.
They burn the lovers. They stone the lovers to death.

All tyrants hate the love,
Love is the cause of existence.
Love is the source of life.
Love is light and warmth.
Love is happiness.
Love will create a free world, free from any tyranny.
Welcoming the love
2010 Feb 12